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I ran in the NSW 2015 state election as an Independent candidate for the Upper House bit, known as the Legislative Council. I have previously campaigned and run in the Australian Federal Election during September 2013 & 2016. Just completely wasted my time in the State seat of Monaro (NSW state election 2019) where I couldnt even beat the Animal Justice Party who care campaigning to ban pets, to ban farming animals, ban meat, ban egs, to ban Bacon ffs.. and I had to put up with death threats, lies, slander, being overtly ignored by the media, treated like shit, the ABC elections website refused to put my name or profile on the page under the Monaro section.. 

I have had to contend with being treated like shit. AND then I'm supposed to be the bigger man and run in the forthcoming Federal election.. LOL.

Seriously, the election result is completely embarassing.. 2% around 1000 people out of 57,000 in Monaro.


Belive the rumours people, they are more fun than the facts.



Singleton Solar Farm is a 6 acre 407kW PV farm built in 1998- comprising two 200kW stages. I had plans to expand it up to 5 MW. I know you dont really care, but I just wanted to show off.



I have been largely self employed in the scrap metal business for 25 years now. I am an Electrical Fitter tradesman, with my skills covering nearly every (blokey) discipline imaginable. I swear a little too much when I shouldn't- old habits can be hard to shake. I don't like people.